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Total Money Makeover Program

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Let’s Do the Damn Thing!

The TM Total Money Makeover Program is a 10 Module Self Study Program designed to teach you exactly how to manage your money like a boss, and invest like a pro!

With Enrollment, You Get Instant Access To:

50 Videos - 10 Modules of Exclusive Content
+ Program Welcome Package
+ Video and Audio Recordings
+ Downloadable Module Presentations
+ Program Workbook
+ TMM Ultimate Resource Guide
+ 30+ Bonus Tips & Tricks
+ Exclusive Discounts of 1:1 Coaching 

Program Highlights: 

  • How to Invest Passively, and Still Make a Great Return
  • How To Manage Your Money More Effectively 
  • Monthly Percentages: How Much To Save, Spend, Invest
  • 10 Ways To Save More Money Right Now
  • How Much YOU Personally Need To Invest To Get To Your First $1Million 
  • Types Of Investments + What is Suitable For You
  • 6 Different Classes of Stocks Explained, + Hot Sectors
  • How To Pick Winners: Stocks and Mutual Funds
  • How To Open Trading Accounts, Set Up Watchlist (with Screenshots & links) 
  • When To Buy, When To Sell, When NOT To Sell 

Trust me guys, EVERYONE needs this Program. The longer you wait, the more you will watch your money wilt away with depreciation. SIGN UP TODAY! 

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What People Are Saying:

For anyone who is feeling a bit lost when it comes to saving and invest, and wants to learn, this class is a must! I have always been someone who would say I would learn about investing, but when it came time, I didn't know where to start. I didn't really know who to ask. Sometimes getting advice about money is scary and overwhelming, but what I love about Tara and her courses, is she finds ways to make it fun, easy, and exciting! Tara is someone who is just like all of us. Many people think only a lot of people with money can invest and get ahead, but Tara shows you that you can invest no matter how much money you make. Once I took Taras course, she made me regret not starting sooner!

Ashley, M.

Hi Tara, I found out about you through a podcast I heard early last year, and after I took your investing course, it changed my life. It is one of the greatest gifts to in life to be able to educate and teach, and you have an outstanding ability. I have really applied those learnings, and have set myself up financially. YOY I am now 34%, with a good chunk of dividend payouts, and now investing more money into the market! I've told my friends about you, and will share your resources, to help inspire someone else to take your course! I can't thank you enough! Big Aries Energy!

Sarah C.

I highly recommend taking Tara Murphy's courses on finances! It is refreshing learning from someone who is down to earth and I can relate to. Ive taken a lot of financial courses in the past to try to become more financially literate and understand how to make a passive income, and she really knows how to simply the subject matter and make it accessible for people who have never ventured into this area before. I will definitely take more classes, and recommend everyone and anyone to do the same!


When it comes to your money, Tara is your girl! As someone who knows the importance of being on top of your finances, but is extremely intimidated by the subject, I knew I needed the help from someone who would give it to me in plain English, and set me up for success with the right knowledge and tools. Tara creates a welcoming environment, with an approach that is relatable and encouraging. Whether you're just starting out (like me), or looking for more advanced financial learning, I am confident this course has what you need!

Britt, S.

Learning about finances from Tara is the best, because she makes it really simple to grasp what I've always believed to be tricky concepts around money, stocks, investing, and saving. I've taken her courses, workshops, and worked with her 1 on 1. Also, I love working with her because she makes saving seem and sound sexy! Anytime I work with Tara, my financial life changes for the better. I can't wait to continue further and deeper with Tara soon!

Vanessa, F.